Ayurveda Detox & Rejuvenation Program

5, 7, 10 - day Ayurvedic Detox & Rejuvenation Wellness Program

at Harmony Home, residential and non-residential

in Marbella, Spain


Here, you will have an opportunity to transform your health for a lifetime!

inHarmony Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program is based on the oldest system of natural health – Ayurveda and designed to promote your physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Latest science has shown that stress and incorrect/inappropriate nutrition and digestion are the root causes of most health problems nowadays. Learning a healthy lifestyle is not luxury, it is an absolute necessity to survive. Self-care and Relaxation are vital skills that are not taught in any school or university. Yet, they are fundamental to preserve and build health in order to have a decent quality of life.
This program is a life-changing experience.
Here, you’ll discover your unique body/mind type. When you gain this wisdom for yourself, it shows you how to get back into balance when challenges arise and how to stay healthy and vital throughout years.
This unique experience is for anyone who wants to live with better health, vitality, and mental clarity. Whether you’re generally healthy and want to build long-lasting vitality or if you find yourself out of balance and want to bring yourself back – this is for you.


This program’s benefits list is long. It is clear that just learning to relax and reduce stress will automatically

  • Help prevent disease
  • Stimulate natural healing forces
  • Promote recovery
  • Help you understand what your body and mind need
  • Increase circulation and overall functioning of all bodily systems
  • Increase digestion and assimilation and thus overall health
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduces the “Ama” (toxic waste) in the body
  • Relieve symptoms associated with cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, diabetes and thyroid disorders

Ayurvedic personalized nutrition and treatments will get you started on your path of gentle natural cleansing and getting rid of toxins to open doors for better body/mind functioning, healing and rejuvenation.

How it Works

This program’s goal is to create a new, positive orientation of personal tendencies and a reorganization of mental, physical and spiritual habits to heal and restore natural health. 

It begins with an Ayurvedic consultation and comprehensive assessment.  A personalized health plan will be designed for you according to your Ayurvedic genotype of your imbalance. It will include specific nutrition, treatments, yoga/movement, lifestyle routine, exercised for the mind, and herbal medicine according to the Ayurvedic system of Natural Health.
In the beautiful environment of Harmony Home, you will receive daily Yoga Therapy sessions, massages and treatments, counseling and workshops and, of course, delicious detoxifying healthy food.
The rest of the day is “ME TIME” to quiet the mind, do less and just be: take long walks in nature, relax by the pool, read, journal, soak up the splendid beauty of nature that surrounds and nourishes you.  The air itself is healing here. You will be far away from noise and pollution, surrounded by centenarian olive groves and natural parks and forests. 

For better results, we recommend a minimum of 7 days.
In our  5, 7 and 10-day program you will learn optimal for you self-care skills. You will be enlighten, transformed and re-programmed on both physical and mental levels. The educational component of the programs is key for your long-term success in rejuvenation and health transformation. It is possible to extend your program to 14 days for better results.

Program 5 days

4 Nights Private Accommodation
1 Ayurvedic consultation
4 Therapeutic yoga sessions
3 Abyanga massages
2 Shirodhara therapies
1 Yoga Nidra session
3 daily vegetarian Ayurvedic meals
1 Ayurvedic cooking/nutrition workshop
1 Ayurvedic Recommendations Plan
Herbal medicines during the program 

1900 euros

Program 7 days

6 Nights Private Accommodation
2 Ayurvedic consultations
6 Therapeutic yoga sessions
4 Abyanga massages
3 Shirodhara therapies
2 Yoga Nidra sessions
3 daily vegetarian Ayurvedic meals
1 Ayurvedic cooking/nutrition workshop
1 Ayurvedic recommendations Plan
Herbal medicines during the program

2750 euros

Program 10 days

9 Nights Private Accommodation
3 Ayurvedic consultations
9 Therapeutic yoga sessions
7  Treatments or massages
5 Shirodhara therapies
3 Yoga Nidra Session
3 daily vegetarian Ayurvedic meals
2 Ayurvedic cooking/nutrition workshops
1 Ayurvedic Recommendations Plan
Herbal medicines during the program

4050 euros

*Peak seasons on Costa del Sol have a surcharge of 15% for all packages

December 24 – January 1
June 30 – September 15
Easter Holidays 

Helle Lykke
Helle Lykke
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After a week with Antonina, I feel very relaxed. The therapy and yoga sessions are adjusted to you. I can highly recommend it. The house is very nice and the food is fabulous. It is very good that it is an individual program, instead of "one size fits all". It is nice to have some time alone in the afternoon. But at the same time you want to learn things. It is a good balance. You will return home a better version of yourself. I will definitely return some day.
Sarah J.
Sarah J.
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What an amazing experience at Harmony Home with Antonina! Harmony Home was upscale, clean, and safe. Close to many restaurant but created a peaceful vibe that I didn't have to go out. The yoga is customized for you to become a better yogi and a better person! Truly a great week of relaxation and learning new healthy habits!
Chris M.
Chris M.
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Antonina, thank you sooo much for your help during my stay at harmony home. As you saw, I came back to life there. I am now full of joy and love for the world. I have as much hope as I had during my 17th birthday. And I am so looking forward to the next chapters of my life. I can't thank you enough for your help, kindness, and guidance! Your professional wisdom, strength, and grace are amazing!


Additional days at Harmony Home 

If you need to stay at Harmony Home few days before or after your program without activities and if there is availability, you can chose from the below options:

Accommodation only @ 160 euros 

Accommodation and meals @ 230 euros

Full Program Day (for programs of 7 days of longer)
400 euros/day  

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines 
We do not sell Ayurvedic medicines. We provide them to you for free as part of your program. If we have in stock the medicines we recommended to you in your Ayurvedic post-program plan, we will sell them to you at our cost price. 

Useful Information 

Check-in time: 3 pm

Check-out time: 11 am

 There are no activities on the day of arrival. Dinner is provided. On the day of departure, you have a yoga session and breakfast.

First half of the day is filled with therapies, massages, yoga, and consultations. 

The second half of the day is free so you can relax, reflect, take nature walks, read or explore our little piece of paradise – the white Andalucian villages, the coast etc. If you would like to do some sightseeing, please rent a car. 

Some people are instructed to do evening yoga/meditation/movement before going to bed to develop new healthy habits. 

We enjoy the sunny and warm Mediterranean climate. In the mountains nights are slightly colder then on the coast, days are sunny and warm. 

Malaga – 50 minute drive

Granada – 60 minute drive 

Coast/beachers – 25 minute drive 

Picturesque Andalucían villages Canilla de Aceituno, Comares, Frigiliana – 20 minute drive 

Historic Alhama de Granada – 30 minutes

Natural Park (Spanish Pine) – 5 minute drive 

Natural Park (Spanish Oak)  – 10 minute drive 

How to Book

Please chose from the program options and contact your host and therapist Antonina via email, WhatApp, or phone call to find out about availability. This program is individualized so we require some health-related information to tailor the experience to your needs. We host a maximum of 5 people at a time. There is usually a wait list and booking in advance with a deposit is highly recommended. We guarantee your place and block dates for you as soon as we receive your deposit. 

 You can also request a specific focus for your retreat. Individualized approach is always powerful and effective in healing and transformation! 

To book your personalized Ayurvedic Program, please pay a deposit of 600 euros to # IBAN ES07 1465 0716 52 1719963278. In the notes, please write Ayurveda Program, Your Name.  

In addition, payments within Spain can be done via Bizum, while international payments via Wise.com. 

Deposits are non-refundable but 100% transferable to another date if you plans change (minus cancellation fee of 100 euros). You have 3 years from the date of booking to use your deposit towards any retreat or health program of your choice. 

Full payment is due one week before the start of your retreat or on the day of arrival if you chose to pay in cash. 

We require a 200-euro refundable damage deposit + reading and signing the “Harmony Home Rules” document. This deposit can be paid together with the program or separately. It will be refunded to you 1 day after your departure.

We look forward to taking care of you and assisting you on your way to harmony!

Email: goinharmony@gmail.com
Tel or Whatsapp: 34 664535425