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deep relaxation - mental & physical health - rejuvenation

sometimes. you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out. ~ our retreat client


Come and relax in the rhythm of Andalusia, a small corner of paradise just two hours from London or Paris.

Latest science has shown that stress and incorrect nutrition and lifestyle is the root cause of most health problems nowadays. Learning how to relax, eat to be well, and be less stress-prone is not luxury, it is an absolute necessity to survive & have a better quality of life. 
Self-care and relaxation are the vital skills that are not taught in any school or university. Yet, they are fundamental to lead happier, more satisfying lives. 

Here, you can tune into your true heart’s desire, the sounds of nature and your deepest intention. To counteract the busyness of your life, come into a deliberate time of rest to positively impact your body and mind. From this quiet place and calm deep breath you soften, learn to listen and open to your perfect life design that longs to come through you. 

We offer two types of retreat programs – Deep Relaxation Wellness Retreats and Personalized Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programs at Harmony Home. We recommend you stay for at least 6 days to truly relax and experience transformation. 
The idyllic natural surroundings, deep relaxation massages, delicious healthy Mediterranean & Ayurvedic food and enlightening yoga therapy sessions & coaching with Antonina, a Yoga & Ayurveda therapist, and the team will leave you calmer, healthier and more vibrant.

Our Food 

Our food preparation is based on the science-based Mediterranean Longevity Diet & the principles of personalized Ayurvedic nutrition. Both promote the longest and healthiest life possible. Focus is on vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, fresh cheese, eggs, fresh fish and most importantly herbs and spices.
Most seasonal vegetables, herbs, lemons, pomegranates and figs come from our own organic garden.
We buy organic eggs, goat cheese, vegetables and fruit from our neighbors and village farmers as much as we can.
We offer the best organic sourdough bread fermented for 12 – 24 hours.

Retreat Benefits

Our retreats promote deep relaxation & a significant stress reduction which automatically improves all aspects of health:

  • Help prevent creation and progression of diseases
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Stimulate natural healing forces, promote recovery & clarity of the mind
  • Help you sleep better, find peace, contentment
  • Increase circulation and overall functioning of all bodily systems
  • Increase metabolism, assimilation and evacuation and thus overall health
  • Reduce anxiety, doubt, worry, mental chatter 

Deep Relaxation Wellness Retreats

All Deep Relaxation Wellness Retreats include:

  • Stylish and comfortable accommodation (private double room & bathroom)
  • 3 daily delicious healthy Mediterranean diet meals
  • Daily therapeutic yoga sessions in our beautiful Yoga studio 
  • Daily relaxation massages or holistic therapies 
  • Evening holistic activities: Chi Gong, Meditation, Sound Bath, Yoga Nidra, Forest Bathing, Restorative Yoga 
  • Use of common areas (pool, garden, terraces, lounge)
  • Unlimited filtered water, tea, coffee
    * Free airport transfer (150 euros) is included with our 7 nights stay.
    ** Christmas and Easter Holiday periods have a 10% surcharge.

7 Nights
6 Massages 
7 Yoga sessions
Airport transfers  

2560 euros

6 Nights accommodation
5 Massages 
6 Yoga sessions  

2250 euros

5 Nights accommodation
4 Massages 
5 Yoga sessions  

1925 euros

4 Nights accommodation
3 Massages
4 Yoga sessions 

1600 euros

3 Nights accommodation
2 Massages
3 Yoga sessions 

1275 euros

2 Nights accommodation
1 Massage
2 Yoga sessions

850 euros 

Personalized All-Inclusive Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program

This is a truly unique opportunity for you to transform your health for the rest of your life!

Our signature Personalized Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program is based on the oldest system of natural health – Ayurveda – and is designed by an experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner to promote your physical and psychological health and wellbeing in the shortest time possible through the most accesible, easy and doable Ayurvedic means.  

Latest science has shown that stress and incorrect/inappropriate lifestyle are the root causes of most health problems. Learning a healthy lifestyle that will get you into old age safely is not luxury, it is an absolute necessity to survive. Self-care and Relaxation are vital skills that are not taught in any school or university. Yet, they are fundamental to preserve and build health in order to have a decent quality of life.
This program is a life-changing experience.
Here, you’ll discover your unique body/mind type and your physical/mental imbalances and their root cause. When you gain this wisdom,  you will know how to get back to balance and how to stay healthy and vital throughout years. This truly wonderful process of getting back to harmony will begin at Harmony Home. 
This unique experience is for anyone who wants to live with better health, vitality, and mental peace. Whether you are generally healthy and want to stay that way or you find yourself out of balance and want to bring yourself back to harmony – this program is for you!

All inHarmony Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programs

    • Private stylish and comfortable accommodation (with in-suite bathroom)
    • Consultations & private Ayurvedic health coaching 
    • Daily 3 healthy delicious Ayurvedic meals for your Ayurvedic Dosha or Imbalance 
    • Daily therapeutic morning yoga in our beautiful Yoga studio 
    • Daily evening relaxation activities: Chi-Gong or Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga or Meditation & Breathwork
    • Daily Ayurvedic treatments & holistic therapies based on every person’s needs
    • Daily personalized Ayurvedic spice drink
    • Use of common areas (pool, garden, terraces, lounge)
    • Unlimited filtered water, tea, coffee
    • Malaga airport transfers – pick up and drop off (150-euro value)
      ** Christmas and Easter Holiday periods have a 10% surcharge.

9 Nights accommodation
8 Treatments 
8 Yoga Therapy sessions
8 Evening activities
3 Consultations 
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Workshop 
3-month plan
Airport tranfers

3800 euros

8 Nights accommodation
7 Treatments 
7 Yoga Therapy sessions
7 Evening activities
3 Consultations 
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Workshop 
3-month plan
Airport transfers

3500 euros

7 Nights accommodation
6 Treatments 
6 Yoga Therapy sessions
6 Evening activities
2 Consultations 
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Workshop 
3-month plan
Airport transfers

3175 euros

6 Nights accommodation
5 Treatments 
5 Yoga Therapy sessions
5 Evening activities
2 Consultations  
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Workshop 
3-month plan
Airport transfers

2800 euros

5 Nights accommodation
4 Treatments  
4 Yoga Therapy sessions
4 Evening activities
1 Consulataion  
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Workshop 
3-month plan
1 Airport transfer

2400 euros

Additional Information

Peak season period 

Our prices do not change throughout the year. Only Christmas and Easter Holiday periods have a 10% surcharge applied to all prices/packages.

Christmas Holidays: December 23 – January 1
Easter Holidays: March 24 – 31, 2024

Meals: All meals are included
Arrival Day – dinner is provided
Departure Day – breakfast is provided

Discounts: for couples and friends booking 2 programs in a shared room we offer a 30% discount for the 2nd person.


Additional treatments and massages

You can add massages and therapies for an additional price. Please see the Treatments page for info and prices.

Additional day before or after program at Harmony Home (based on availability)

Bed & breakfast @ 200 euros/night (program activities, lunch & dinner are not included)

Taxi hire. Malaga Airport Pick up and/or Drop off

75 euros each way 


Nature lover, hiker, and biker’s paradise… Here time slows down and you can finally be in the present moment. You will breathe clean air and enjoy the sounds of nature – bees, birds, chickens, dogs, sheep and goats. 
Harmony Home is tucked away in the majestic mountains of Axarquia at the foot of breathtaking La Maroma and Sierras Tejeda National Park, surrounded by endless olive groves, far from the hustle & bustle of modern life, traffic, polution, and tourist crowds. Yet it is only a 25-minute pleasant drive to the coast and unspoiled beaches of Torre Del Mar. 
Harmony Home Wellness is within a one-hour drive to Granada and Malaga, 30 minutes from the historic village of Alhama de Granada with its famous Moorish thermal baths, 1 hour from the ancient city of Antequera, 10 minutes from the Vinuela lake, 30 minutes from the pretty and popular white Andalucian villages Frigiliana and Nerja, and 20 minutes from the old city of Velez-Malaga. 

There is definitely lots to see, discover and enjoy here!



Check in/out time

Check in time: 15:00
Check out time: 11:00 

How to Book

Please chose your retreat option and let us know your availability. Please contact your host Antonina via email, WhatsApp, or a phone call. You can also request a specific focus for your retreat perfect for your needs.

To book your room and a retreat program, please pay a deposit of 500 euros via a bank transfer (deposit or full amount) to # IBAN ES07 1465 0716 52 1719963278. Payments within Spain can be done via Bizum and international payments via
We offer discounts for cash payments (please ask) and a 30% discount for the second person’s program for couples/friends/family members sharing a room. 

 – Full payment is due in cash, via a bank transfer, or an online payment one week before the start of a retreat program.
 – We require a 300-euro security deposit (blocked on your credit card for the duration of your stay) and your agreement to the  Harmony Home Wellness rules.

We look forward to seeing you in harmony at Harmony Home!

Telephone or Whatsapp: +34 664535425

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