Cancellation Policy

inHarmony School of Yoga Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your booking at any time and notification must be given to inHarmony School of Yoga in writing by sending an email to

Regardless of the reason for the cancellation, cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:

  • Notification received more than 90 days before the start of the course/training: 25% of the full fee + €50 administration fee
  • Notification received 90-30 days before the start of the course/training: 50% of the full fee + €50 administration fee
  • Notification received less than 30 days before the start of the course/training: 100% of the full fee.

We recommend you to get coverage through travel insurance for these unforeseen circumstances.

Regardless of the reason for the cancellation, 

The participant is offered credit to use the monies invested toward any future course, training, retreat online or in-person without any time limit. 

inHarmony School of Yoga reserves the right to cancel the course/training if fewer than 5 participants have signed up. In such circumstances, the participants will be informed promptly and registration monies reimbursed. Any travel costs will not be reimbursed.


As we are adjusting to the ever-changing situation and uncertainty around our events due to COVID-19 we have the following policy in place that we hope serves you as a participant while allowing our community to continue to create and share out teachings. Your health is always the most important to us, which is why we assess each event separately as we get closer to the date. Whether there is a lockdown or travel ban is a good indicator of the likely hood of the event taking place or not, but it is possible that events are canceled or moved online after the ban too if we feel it is not yet responsible to travel and gather in large groups.

  • For events that are currently scheduled outside the expected period of lockdown and travel restrictions the regular cancellation policy applies.
  • For events that can not take place live on the scheduled dates, we offer a variety of solutions that include: taking part in the course online at a reduced rate or taking part in the live training at a new date. For each course/training, we create a package of solutions that are aimed to serve you the most.
  • The decision about whether an course can take place live at the scheduled date or not is made no shorter than a month in advance. In that case, you will be informed instantly via email about your options. For any cancellations before that date, the regular cancellation policy applies.

Please bear with us as we take this one course at a time so we can make the best, informed decisions and take care of everybody involved. Stay healthy and connected! 🙂