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Online Functional Anatomy Foundations Course for Yoga Teachers (Yoga Alliance Cont Edu)




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Notice for Yoga Teachers: This course satisfies the 30hrs Yoga Alliance Continuous Education requirement.

This 30-hour self-paced course consists of approximately 15 hours of recorded lectures with practical real life examples, application exercises and home work. This online training is prepared and recorded by Jo Anne Zitzow, a US-based physical therapist and 500hr RYT with 30 years of experience as a therapist and yoga teacher focusing on natural health, physical training and pain management.
Upon receipt of your payment, you will be provided with access to all the recorded lectures and Application Exercise sheet with a detail explanation of functional application practices.


PART 1: Vocabulary & Basic Systems of the Body
Standard Anatomical Position (including general overview/awareness of postural distortions and how being
aware of them can make a dramatic impact on our quality of life)
Planes of Movement
Directional Terms in Planes of Movement
Terms Describing Movement
Systems of the Body
PART 2:  The Skeleton, Joints, and Connective Tissue
Axial Skeleton
Appendicular Skeleton
Types of Joints (overview: Less mobile to most mobile, Synovial)
Types of Connective Tissue (overview: Ligaments, Tendons, Vertebral Discs, Meniscus, Labrum)
PART 3:  The Muscular System
3 Types of Muscles
Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Characteristics of Skeletal Muscles (contractibility, extensibility, excitability, elasticity)
Roles Muscles Play (Agonist, Antagonist, Synergist, Fixator)
Muscle Attachments (shift in the understanding)
Muscles of the Cervical Spine (neck)
Muscles of the Shoulder
Muscles of the Upper Arms
Muscles of the Forearm
“          “     Anterior Torso
“        “      Posterior Torso
Muscles of the Lower Torso & Core
Muscles of the Pelvis/Pelvic Floor
“       “ Front of the Leg
“ “ Back of the Leg
“ “ Medial Side of the Leg
“ “ Lateral Side of the Leg