Monika P.

A truly gifted teacher. Warm, passionate and tough — somehow manages to combine sensitivity to individuals while being assertive with time and direction of content. She brings a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience…but also she brings humor.

Maria E.

Hola Antonina , llevo una semana disfrutando de tus clases de Yoga Terapia. Ante todo agradecerte el haberme transmitido las ganas de seguir, aprender nuevos conceptos sobre el Yoga , que sólo cuando uno está de vacaciones puede que escuche si se consigue ciertos momentos de relajación. Espero poder seguir con esos momentos y que cada vez puedan ser algo mas largos y/o mas abundantes. Mi cuerpo creo que también ganará. Muchas gracias por esta semana , Un gran abrazo , Dolors

Conny Sans G., Barcelona

Muchísimas gracias, cariño, por todo lo que has hecho por mi, por tu atención, amor y paciencia. Recuerdo nuestras sesiones yoga maravillosas en Las Dunas. Me ayudo muchísimo manejar mi estrés y seguir adelante. Te quiero mucho, corazón.

Emma P., UK

I came home from our retreat in Spain and everything changed. You were right, it was the stress that was the problem! And your numerology analysis was right too – I learnt from old mistakes and put an end to what was wrong so that something else could blossom. so thank you for teaching me so much in many ways and opening that mental foot got me. Lots of love. Emma xx

Isabel A., USA

My dear teacher Antonina is a very knowledgeable instructor and very warm, caring and accepting person. Besides the hours of academy, she made sure we enjoyed the entire experience. The small group made mostly of professionals interested in yoga for health created a cohesive atmosphere and we felt like been part of a family. I had been practicing yoga for more than 6 years and this intensive and invaluable course help me to improve my pranayama, mantras and meditation and Ayurveda was the cherry on the cake, helping me to discover why yoga is so important for health. Antonina’s passion for yoga and personal stories helped me to understand much more than I could have hoped. The location of the course was in Estepona, surrounded by luscious Mediterranean gardens, with fountains and swimming pools. The food was vegetarian and well prepared, and the place was cleaned once a week besides our daily rota to keep it tidy. We had a couple of excursions and the last night we celebrated our achievement eating out in a local restaurant. We also had the freedom to go out for meals whenever we wanted. The course was all what I was looking for; thoughtful teacher, dedicated students, good value and close to home. I couldn’t wish for more. Antonina I am very grateful for your kindness and support during the training. I will never forget my experience.

Lorenza M.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be the teacher I am now. My gratefulness is immense! xxx

Erika C.

Buenas Dias Antonina! I am currently in Vilcabamba Ecuador teaching in the most beautiful place. I am having many feelings of gratitude for life and where I am personally in my own! I have been reflecting back on my teacher training experience with you and all those beautiful women. Without that training I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful and life changing experience. At home I was teaching and working with mostly family and friends so this teaching experience is completely different. The people are changing almost daily and are at all different levels, many of them new to yoga. This has been a great teaching experience for me in how I have to adapt on the fly and adjust according to the needs of my students. I hope you are doing well and that life is bring you many blessings! Cheers, Erika

Ali B.

So I did it!! I taught my first class tonight! It was candle lit gentle yoga flow in the random setting of this church!… followed by a spare of the moment, totally bloody winging it as I got through my plan in 45 mins, 15 min seated mediation! 😂 Antonina Ramsey joint release series really is a gift.. And the clarity with which you taught us mediation and philosophy really saved my bacon! I found the words just came, (thank god).. you really have given us some useful tools for our toolboxes and language to relay the practise that feels clear and uncomplicated (I’m just hoping I did it justice and the class new what the bloody hell I was talking about!) one thing I felt was that the class really responded and dropped into quite a deep meditation and I felt myself going too… An hour and a half is a VERY long time!! Time seemed to slow down and then speed up! All in all, really enjoyed it.. Baby steps, still searching for language and need to build a solid beginners class.. I think at times I was pushing them a bit hard and in my heart I know there is no need.. For some reason my confidence is stronger when we’re flowing but need to works on finding my strength in the stillness. A million thank yous, Antonina.. Sorry it’s been a while, kind of needed to let it all percolate.. But feeling ready now and very very grateful for my time with you all. Love, love, love xxxxxxx

Sara G., Netherlands

I had been doing yoga for many years before I signed up…it was a bit scary. Now I know I was lucky, because Antonina is first of all serious about what she is doing. It seems, that it is not a job but a lifestyle, and she has obtained many skills from her own educations and from teaching for years. She teaches you from her heart. ps. I forgot to write about about the food! I have discovered how important that is! The food was so nourishing – simple yet good-tasting. Quite inspiring, I must say.

Rikke H., Netherlands

Not knowing the person I chose to do my yoga-teacher-training with made me feel slightly insecure. Antonina welcomed me in a warm and professional atmosphere and this atmosphere continued throughout the whole of training. 
In the beginning, I was wondering whether she had a plan, as we did yoga, studied philosophy, talked about anatomy, the newest scientific discoveries on fascia, breathing techniques, relaxation procedures, how to adjust postures, how to give classes to people with different physical limitations, creating my own Sadhana practice (a serie of postures to do every day ; 2 versions – the long and the short version – so it is realistic to do every day). All this held in a relaxed though efficient daily rhythm. 
Antonina has many years of experience in both giving classes to all kinds of people and to educate new yoga teachers, and I realized her style is ”flow in a structure”, as we managed to come around and cover all topics without stress nor sloppiness. 
I think one of her best skills is her sincere desire to improve the life of people – it is not about teaching hardcore poses in fancy yoga-clothes, it is about improving peoples’ quality of life, and she adresses this desire to reality, i.e. teaching many people who elsewhere had given up yoga, as they failed trying to do the postes. As she says:” It is not about adjusting people to the poses, it is about adjusting the poses to people.”

Victoria Chan, UK

Never found as apt as today to apply this one to myself. Pure Mindfulness Gold. So simple but not so easy in real life. I’ve learned in my YTT from Antonina Ramsey about the consciousness of Appraisal, Reaction & Response to negativity, which is my biggest taking.

Georgie M., UK

This was so much more than just a 200 hour teacher training course. Antonina’s totally unique and engaging teaching style offers a thorough and complete view of all the aspects to becoming a teacher. She has an amazing way of connecting all the holistic sciences, the human anatomy, physiology and the philosophy of Yoga to real life and real people. And not to mention the cooking! Antonina is an amazing cook, she lovingly prepares balanced and beautiful meals and teaches you exactly how to cook, eat and live in a balanced, harmonised way. Not only have I come away with my teacher training certificate, I have come away with a life changing experience.

Sarah Smith, Australia

Antonina is an amazing teacher and very knowledgable. She is really giving with her time and eager to help you learn as much as possible. I certainly feel as though I have learnt a great deal from her, and am excited and prepared to take the next steps in my yoga-journey.

Coreene McKinnon, USA

I could not have imagined a better way to complete my yoga teacher training! Antonina’s unique teaching style, and crafting an atmosphere of organic learning and family style living, really make it the experience of a lifetime. It was important to me to specifically focus on yoga for health & wellness, in addition to Ayurveda, and am so grateful to have found a teacher that prioritized those aspects of yoga. She’s an incredible instructor & coach!

Estela S., France

The course was perfectly in adequation with what I was expecting. Very complete, perfectly planned but flexible. Our teacher Antonina has a wide knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and Relationships. Her wisdom, comprehension and her hability to spread her experience has allowed me not only to have skills to teach Yoga but to feel confident to teach Yoga. This training will remain a wonderfull experience.

Brenda Costa, NY

I had been wanting to take my 200hr Yoga Teacher training for a while and have walked away with more than what I could have asked for. Beyond the extensive and thorough knowledge you will attain from this course, Antonina has the skill of introducing such diverse, rich and complex concepts in a way that ignites an inherent interest and curiosity within you that you will carry with you thought your own practice. Could not be happier with my experience. Thank you once again!

Molly P., UK

Thank you always for the experience you have given to us. The intensity of full submersion is what I will never forget, the lessons from your deep collection of knowledge and the family we had during this time. And the food!!!!! Aye! A shift in understanding has happened, and I’m most sure this is something you hear without exception from all those you have taught. Thank you thank you thank you always for this. Love to you, dear teacher! xxxx ~ Molly, UK

Mitch Lewis

I am so thankful that you have been in my life and during the very tough times that are thankfully behind me. I still meditate the way you taught me.

Lara K.

Antonina placed her hands on my body and energy started to flow through me. I felt warm, happy, relaxed and full of life. I wanted to fly.


Learning yoga with Antonina is pure joy. She explains in depth why we practice yoga and brings me to the present moment. When I leave the class I am invigorated and calm. Antonina’s understanding of Yoga is profound and she transfers it so well.

Eric Jones

Every time I sit still and quiet myself and take the time to breath deep and fill my lungs with air I cannot help but think of the days you spend teaching me yoga. I am forever grateful that you have existed in my life. I am always wishing you well my friend, my teacher, my guide.

Hiroko N.

Hello! I must tell you again that I really appreciated you.. Just after our chat on skype my energy flow changed… It’s been wonderful. I’m experiencing so many things I was wishing for a very long time..thank you, thank you thank you 裕子.