We are Vitamin D deficient!


vitamin-d-levels-chart-25-hydroxy-d-optimal-deficient-cancer-excess-ng-mlChances are good that you’ve recently been hearing more and more regarding the controversial topic of Vitamin D, especially as the shift of Daylight Savings brings shorter hours of sunlight and, here in the Pacific Northwest and further north, significantly more cloud cover each day. There is no question about the importance of vitamin D and its wonderful health benefits.  The focus surrounding vitamin D is whether the long-accepted recommendation from the medical community of just 400 IU daily (in supplemental form), along with the encouragement to slather on sunscreen in even the cloudiest of conditions, is actually doing more harm to our health than good.Recent reports show that populations around the world are suffering from vitamin D deficiency; in the U.S. alone, only one third of us are getting enough of this critical vitamin to promote optimal health and prevent potentially severe bone fracture rates.


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