The Ultimate Solution to Detox.


Going Back to the Simple & Tested.

“Eat slowly. Pay attention.” I can still hear it in my mind. Didn’t your parents tell you this? Didn’t they ask you to eat everything and not pick and chose?

After listening to the 1 + hrs webinar on Detox and Phyto nutrients (posted below) by a doctor, scientist, and an expert in this area of Detox, as usual, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I expected something revolutionary :). Behind the scary and long scientific words that made the presenter sound knowledgeable and authoritative, there was such simple truth that it could be expressed in literally 4 sentences and 5 minutes.

As it often happens in architecture, one style gets replaced with another more elaborate and complicated style. This process goes on for a while till it gets so complicated that at some point, one cannot improve on the same thing any longer and it all goes back to the classic  – simple and clean Greek like forms.
The Wellness industry is in this stage of discovery, over complication and exaggeration driven by the US media powerhouse. It has become a billion dollar industry. No wonder! People’s health condition in the US has worsen so badly in the past 40 years that the explosion of awareness that we observe now was absolutely inevitable.

Now science and nutritionists are screaming about the miracle of kurkuma (tumeric) but Ayurveda has used it as medicine for thousands of years.
In any case, go back to your tradition. Science is just confirming what has been already known in most traditional diets.
The problem is that traditional diets are disappearing. As a US citizen living in Spain, it is sad to see this happen to the Mediterranean diet. It is being replaced by fashionable “expert” ideas.

In any case, to detox and maintain your digestive health, all you need to do is the following:

1. Eat as much variety of fruits and veggies as possible. You need to eat proteins to detox better!
2. Eat as many colors as possible (your 25,000 phyto nutrients create the colors)
3. Every food (not food products!) is super food and absolutely necessary for your well-being.
4. Eat as many spices as possible (packed with phyto nutrients)
5. Eat slowly paying attention to the process  (the scientific word is Mindfulness)

Have a Happy Journey to Harmony!



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